Melba Park BBQ Outreach

Holy Fools is beginning a sausage sizzle in Melba Park on the 19th of February, 2014 to complement the existing our community meal, Matt’s Cafe. The purpose of the BBQ Outreach is to encounter those in the community who may not come to a community meal such as Matt’s Cafe, but may hang around Melba Park or the area.

The location of Melba Park in Lilydale has been chosen, as many frequent the park during the day to either pass through or hang around after visiting Centrelink or the Parole offices and other welfare organisations.

The purposes of this BBQ outreach are;

  1. Through the medium of food, create relationships with those attending and be present for their needs and issues.
  2. Encounter those in the community who are not coming to Matt’s Cafe or other welfare services and ensure they are aware of services that are available.
  3. Provide a point of reference for social workers and services such as Centrelink or other agencies such as Eastcare or Anchor to meet with those in the community who may need their services.

Initiatively running for a 3 month trial, the Outreach will be considered a success if;

  1. The numbers of people accessing the BBQ for contact and food increase.
  2. Relationships with people accessing the BBQ are meeting the purposes and changes are being made in their lives and/or situations.
  3. Agencies and Social Workers find that it is a successful point of contact for clients and other people needing assistance that may be difficult to meet elsewhere.

The BBQ outreach is being held in partnership with Mustard Tree Op-Shop.

Holy Fools seeks partnerships with Churches and organisations to help meet the needs of creating hope and healing community.


The Matt’s Cafe Melba Park BBQ Outreach is to commence Wednesday 19th of February, 2014, and run for a trial period of 3 months. It will operate during school term only, each Wednesday.

The BBQ will start 12noon and operate for approximately 1 1/2 hours, depending on the demand.

Agencies or Social Workers etc interested in attending, please feel free to attend.

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