Volunteer Spotlight: Jonathan Vandenberg

If I were to write an ‘I have a dream speech’ it would include some reference to dreaming about living in a community where no one goes hungry or lonely. I also dream of a community where all people, regardless of race, illness, age, gender or social status have the opportunity to share in fellowship with each other and contribute to the wellbeing of the whole.

For me, volunteering at Matts cafe is not about volunteerism at all. For me it is an opportunity to participate in the type of world I wish to live in. I enjoy the cooking and the cleaning as much as I do the conversations over dinner and helping others to volunteers as well. Rich and poor we dine and cook together, medicated or not we chat about what is important to us. Educated or not we together peel carrots and exchange stories of life.

Matts Cafe nurtures within me a dream, gives me hope, and then invites me to participation in it.

J. Vandenberg

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