BBQ Outreach meeting the need

The BBQ Outreach has been going for 5 weeks now, half of the allotted trial time of 3 months and it has been a success in every sense of the terms of operation. This last week we had over 20 turn-up, even a couple of women, each pulling a child behind them, thinking we were a fund-raiser sausage sizzle!

We have met and have begun relationships with at least 20-25 individuals, majority of whom are considered homeless and staying in the Shire of Yarra Ranges, mainly, Lilydale. Some of these individuals are from boarding houses and one is from a local SRS (Supported Residential Service).


Holy Fools has partnered with The Mustard Tree for the sausages and a couple of the local agencies have taken one opportunity to meet the folk attending and sound some time getting to know them.

We  have started supplying some blankets as well as Swags for Homeless Backpack Beds to some of the guys sleeping rough. In addition, we have, besides the sausages and bread, started bringing tea and coffee, and fruit. If you are interested in supporting this outreach please consider donating or volunteering.

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