One of the Greatest Gifts!

From all of us at Holy Fools, Lilydale, we would like to thank our friends and neighbours in the Yarra Ranges community and beyond for all of their support, donations and help we received after our office was broken into and the theft of our van in March.

We have had enormous support from many individuals, families, organisations, churches and charities, as well as businesses and other welfare organisations. The food we hand out to those experiencing the trauma of homelessness has been restored beyond what was taken, and our blankets and clothing have been replenished abundantly.

For all the coverage and support that individuals and the local media, from radio to television to the local newspapers provided, promoting or sharing the story – thank you!

For the individuals and organisations, no matter the size, who donated – thank you!  You have made it easier to continue serving those experiencing homelessness or poverty.

And from the Board of Holy Fools to our amazing team of volunteers and the friends we help on the streets and in the parks, Holy Fools is thankful to be a part of this amazing community.

A special thanks to an anonymous donor who helped us to purchase a new van to continue the collection and distribution of food and comforts. While still lacking signage, the van is already in operation and will be part of the new Street Angel’s BBQ outreach in Yarra Junction commencing June 11th.

It is together, as a community that we can eradicate homelessness, poverty and crime.

Holy Fools looks forward to serving and continuing to being a part of the amazing Yarra Ranges community.

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