Closure of the In-Memorial Fundraiser

Holy Fools has closed the fundraising page for the memorial for Amber Beard and the ongoing medical costs for Ashleigh Beard, two of the passengers in the recent fatal car accident in Mt Evelyn.

When we began the fund, we knew the circumstances of the family and we, like them, were under the advice that TAC would not be available to the families due to the vehicle being unregistered. This would have meant massive costs to a family already struggling.

However, with advice from TAC, we have since been shown this to be incorrect. As such, the family is entitled to benefits for both Amber’s funeral and the ongoing medical costs for Ashleigh, making the fundraising unnecessary.

Holy Fools is offering to refund to any of the donors their donation. Otherwise, after discussions with the family, any funds remaining will be donated to the Lilydale L2P Driver Mentor Program.

Holy Fools apologise for the confusion caused by the creation and promotion of the memorial fundraising. This was not our intention, and we trust that the family will not be held accountable for our actions, which, we believed at the time, were the best thing we could offer to them.

Those who donated, and would like a refund, can contact Holy Fools via email on info at or telephone 1300 133 889 to arrange for a one.

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