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Help End Homelessness in the Yarra Ranges

Your donations directly change the lives of the many people we encounter each week experiencing homelessness; at-risk of homelessness; or extreme poverty in the Yarra Ranges.
  • Each week it’s a nutritious lunch and a listening friend to that older man who’s health is suffering and getting worse living in sub-standard living conditions in a local boarding house with others battling their own issues of drugs or alcohol.
  • For that struggling mother with three young children escaping domestic violence, trying to carve out a new life for herself and her children; it is regular access to food hampers, caring friends who listen and don’t judge her, and access to resources to help her and her family.
  • Every day it is food, clothing, and bedding to that young couple who find themselves sleeping in their station wagon.
  • Daily it is access to fresh toiletries, feminine products, clean clothing, clean bedding, Street Swags and people who care, listen and can ensure they are informed and resourced.
  • Once a fortnight, for that older woman who lives on disabilities and whose family have abandoned her; it is a nutritious two-course meal, the highlight among a fortnight of hurried meals eaten alone. For her, it is also an opportunity to eat and talk with her friends; others who live alone or in boarding houses or supported residential care.
We are largely funded through the generosity of individual donors and do not receive any government funding.

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