Our Work

Holy Fools in involved in several different programs that include Matt’s Cafe – a free community meal held on every second Friday in Lilydale, to individual advocacy and assistance.

We have been involved with promoting and hosting speakers such as Peter Rollins, as well as promoting and being a voice for the silent minority.

Short term goals include a food van reaching into the more difficult areas of the Shire to run BBQ’s and bring fresh food, and a weekly BBQ in Lilydale’s Melba Park. This is in addition to running Matt’s Cafe, a bi-weekly meal in Lilydale, which we hope to become weekly.

Long Term goals include the building a crisis accommodation where they are needed within the Shire, as well as partnering with others to create long-term solutions about homelessness. Short-term needs include crisis accommodation for youth and families, as well as community around them to help rebuild lives. We hope that you can join us in making the light shine in people’s lives that for so long have been in the darkness of poverty and homelessness.