The CRCA National Youth Co-ordinator, Jonathan Vandenberg, has studied in the fields of Youth Work, Theology, Human Resource Management, Education, Ceremony and Wine. Jonathan has over 20 years experience as a youth ministry professional in the CRCA and zig zags the nation training, consulting, speaking, mentoring and developing ministry projects and events. Aside from his busy work life, Jonathan resides on various boards of ministry projects, is a member of the international association for the study of youth ministry and preparing to church plant. Jonathan has published in international journals and magaziene columns. Shortly he will be releasing a Family faith life resource that will be available in all major Christian bookstalls and through this website.

Jonathan enjoys life in the leafy outskirts of Melbourne, with wife Lisa and three children. He maintains a keen interest in home renovation, classic car restoration and permaculture principals in gardening and sustainability.

  • In early 90s started youth work career as youth outreach worker to homeless youth and teen sex trade in St Kilda and surrounds
  • Has lived in the outer east of Melbourne for 20 years and always had a heart for the poor and the marginalised in his community
  • Has led many groups to the margins of our cities and neighbourhoods to educate them of the injustices and desperate needs that exist among those that live in the shadows of high society
  • As well as serving the need of our own city, has worked with remote aboriginal youth, been involved in building orphanages in Philippines, clinics in the Solomon islands and houses in the slums of Mexico