Join Us in Building Hope!
Help us construct the
Lilydale Homelessness Resource Centre
Consumers of the Drop-In are people who have a self-defined need for support and who experience barriers to participating in services or accessing resources to meet these needs.

Holy Fools has been at the forefront of providing resources for those experiencing a lack of housing in the Yarra Ranges. For the past 15 years, we have provided referrals, resources and care for anyone requiring assistance. It has been our conviction that a drop-in centre is needed in Lilydale to provide a central location for assistance.

What we are doing:

  1. Establish a dedicated location in Lilydale that provides an open-door drop-in centre for anyone who identifies they need support and cannot get it. It will be a central location which provides the basics such as food, tea, coffee, cold drinks etc. It will have a TV area, a small library, a quiet lounge area, board games, a shower, a laundry and lockers. It will be a safe place, with rules of behaviour to ensure that it is.
  2. Provide a range of programs directly related to budgeting, cooking, and understanding forms.
  3. House outreach services from the many services offered in Lilydale, eg. Anchor, Eastern Health, Eastern Legal, etc, so that people can access the service more easily in an environment they feel safe in.
  4. Our volunteers will assist people in making connections with others in the centre, create peer support programs and groups to promote friendship and connection and assist people in speaking to the services.

It has been identified in Lilydale that many people with complex needs need to be successfully accessing the services they need. There are many services available to people, but some aspects are missing. This is especially so in the practical need for a place to wash clothes, store items while at an appointment, shower, relax safely, get some decent food and be treated as a person.

It will take some time to get to full functionality. The practical nature of construction and the costs associated are just one aspect that delays some of the provisions. With your help, we make this a reality and create a space that offers much more.