Got a fundraising idea? Want to help end homelessness?

Create your own fundraising campaign

Everyday people, like you, are fundraising every day, in all sorts of ways and helping us to create a difference to the most vulnerable people in our community. 

You can be sponsored for anything, from a quit-smoking challenge to an ocean swim to a marathon. Or ask for people to donate instead of giving presents or flowers for events like a birthday, a wedding or a memorial service.

Host a Donation Box or a Donation Point Tap'n'Go in your business or organisation

You can support our work by providing a small bit of bench space on your checkout counter or reception desk. Host one of our Donation Boxes or our Donation Point Tap’n’Go*. In no time at all, you will be pleased to see how quickly even the smallest donations add up and how together they can create a difference.

All you have to do is give the donation box or Donation Point Tap’n’Go* a fabulous home in a visible, high traffic and easily accessible area of your premises. 

One of our volunteers will visit to drop the donation box off and from there, check in occasionally to say a quick hello and to swap it over, if necessary. 

It costs you nothing and is so easy!

Our Donation Boxes can be in your place within a week. The Donation Tap’n’Go units make take up to a month to order and configured.

*The Donation Point Tap’n’Go requires access to power.