Our Services

All of our programs and services are primarily focused on both a Prevention, Accommodation and Support Services framework.

The framework includes;

  • Structural prevention – Legislation, policy, and investment that builds assets, and increases social inclusion and equality.
  • Systems prevention – Addressing institutional and systems failures that contribute to the risk of homelessness.
  • Early intervention – Polices and practices to support individuals and families at imminent risk of homelessness; or who have recently become homeless.
  • Evictions prevention – Programs and strategies designed to keep people at risk of eviction in their home and avoid homelessness.
  • Housing stability – Initiatives and support for people who have experienced homelessness that allows them to exit homelessness quickly and never experience the trauma again

Our work can be broken into four distinct areas, all complementing our purposes and vision. They are;


We weekly head out onto the streets seeking those out who are homeless. We also operate outreach lunches - these serve to attract people and build relationships.


We provide education, about social justice, poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol.


Utilising a variety of mediums such as social and traditional media, we speak for individuals, groups and the greater community.


We conduct research into social issues to ensure our work is effective; and to help develop strategies and activities to meet identified gaps, and to keep our data up to date.​