Holy Fools Inc is blessed with more than 120 active volunteers who help with our activities and programs each and every week. Without the commitment of our volunteers, we simply could not make the same effective difference in our community.

Our wonderful team of volunteers come from all walks of life, and are the lifeblood of our activities – dedicating their time and skills – making a difference in our community to those we serve – the homeless and those at-risk. We are very grateful for their love and support.
If you are interested in joining our team or would like to learn more about our volunteering opportunities, please fill in the form below and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps. Thank you!

You will need to apply for a Working with Children’s Check.
Follow this LINK to apply.


We ask if you are going to work in our office or will join our Board that you complete a Police Check – which can be done here.

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Personal Details
Holy Fools has a duty of care to protect your health and safety while you are a volunteer. Your answer to the following question will help meet our mutual needs. Do you have an existing disability / medical condition / injury or take medication that may affect your work as a volunteer? If yes, please provide details.
T-Shirts are provided to all volunteers (if applicable for the role) - additional T-shirts can be purchased for $25

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Emergency Contact Details

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Interest in Volunteering

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Skills and Qualifications
Working with Children Checks are Free to apply for online if you are a volunteer.

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Volunteer Agreement

By ticking the ‘I Agree’ box set out below, I acknowledge and agree that I am entering into a legally binding agreement with Sacred Heart Mission in connection with my volunteer work. I agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:

1 PRIVACY I consent to provide personal information to verify my identity. I acknowledge that Sacred Heart Mission will collect, use and store this personal information in accordance with their Privacy Policy – Collection Notice (see link below).

2 CONFIDENTIALITY I agree that I will maintain at all times the confidentiality of all privileged or proprietary information to which I am exposed while participating as a volunteer with Sacred Heart Mission, whether this information involves a client, staff member, or other person or involves the overall business of Sacred Heart Mission.


3.1 I acknowledge and agree that all right(s), title and interest in and to (including all copyright and other intellectual property rights in) any documents or other material that I create, develop or modify while volunteering (“Volunteering IP”) will vest in and be owned by Sacred Heart Mission with effect of the date of creation, development or modification.

3.2 I assign to Sacred Heart Mission all right(s), title and interest in and to (including all copyright and other intellectual property rights in) the Volunteering IP that I may otherwise have with effect from the date that such Volunteering IP is created, developed or modified.

3.3 To the extent that I am entitled to assert any moral rights under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) in any Volunteering IP, I:

(1) consent to any acts or omissions by Sacred Heart Mission, its licensees, successors in title and authorised persons that infringe my moral rights in any Volunteering IP, including not naming me as the author of a work, naming another person as the author of a work and/or amending or modifying (whether by changing, adding to or deleting/removing) any part of a work; and

(2) expressly agree not to enforce any such moral rights that I may have, either presently or in the future, in any Volunteering IP or in connection with work or material produced by me while volunteering at Sacred Heart Mission.


I understand that the work I do is voluntary and must be in accordance with Sacred Heart Mission’s policies, volunteer guidelines and relevant legislation – including equal employment opportunity (EEO), Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), Internet Usage and Privacy. In signing this agreement, I will abide by the standard of behaviour set out in Sacred Heart Mission’s policies and procedures.


5.1 The law of the State of Victoria, Australia governs this agreement. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Victoria and of the Commonwealth of Australia.

5.2 By ticking the ‘I Agree’ box below, I:

(1) consent to the use of this electronic method to meet any legal signing requirements and to signify my acceptance of and agreement to the terms and conditions of this agreement;

(2) agree that this method is sufficiently reliable and appropriate for the purpose of the electronic signature of this agreement; and

(3) acknowledge and agree to the use of the contact details and email address that I provided above as the method to identify me and to receive any notices related to this agreement.

To protect individuals and the programs of Holy Fools Inc from the unauthorised dispersal of information, I hereby undertake to treat any information received as strictly confidential. I understand that the completion of this application does not guarantee an offer of voluntary work with Holy Fools Inc.