We believe that education is one of the keys to ending homelessness and poverty.

We provide educational services about social justice issues such as poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol.

We are often invited to speak at schools, after-hours care, community groups and churches about the issues we are passionate about. To aid in our training, we have developed a couple of information sheets with details about how adults and children alike can get involved in ending poverty and homelessness. These are available as a download or are available when we are speaking somewhere.

Neal Taylor, our CEO, or one of our Board Members, are available to come to speak – subject to availability. We’re available to come to speak at your event or class at;

  • Schools – Primary and Secondary
  • TAFES and University Classes
  • Churches and Church groups such as Youth Groups and Seniors
  • Community Groups such as Probus, Rotary, Lions Club
  • Corporate functions and business groups
  • Any other event that would be interested in what we have to say

Talks and classes are tailored to the specific age and audience.

At Holy Fools, we feel it is important to educate people about the issues; creating awareness and understanding. Our educational sessions with Children also has the knock-on effect of sharing that information with their friends and family. Many times fundraisers or food-drives have been organised by parents after one of our visits.

If you would like Neal Taylor or one of the Holy Fools Inc Board Members to come to speak at your next function/event/class, please complete the form below.

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